Death Penalty Endo & contractualization Federalism TRAIN Law Lowering MACR Anti-Political Dynasty LGBTQ Equality Divorce

Chel Diokno#25

PARTY Liberal Party (LP) Lawyer, educator, and civil rights advocate working towards social justice for all

About Chel Diokno  

Jose Manuel Diokno or "Chel" is a longtime lawyer, educator, and advocate for civil and human rights. Taking from his father, he's known for his strong advocacy against martial law under Ferdinand Marcos and its historical revisionism and denialism. A leader since his youth, he champions a people-oriented fight through his vast experience in the legal field. Campaigning as the "Voice of Justice" or "Boses ng Katarungan", Diokno explores tangible promises of reform through the legal and judicial system in his fight for equality and peace.

Salient Issues

Death Penalty Endo & contractualization Federalism/charter change TRAIN Law Lowering MACR Anti-Political Dynasty LGBTQ Equality Divorce


Social justice for all, including fair and just legal process with more power to local government and countryside units as an effort in combating corruption; making justice system more accessible and transparent Rights and protection for marginalized groups including children, persons with disabilities, the poor, women (reproductive health, anti-sexual harassment, maternity law), and the LGBTQ Inclusive economic systems, including the end of "endo", agricultural modernization, transportation policies, reliable internet Uphold democratic institutions: end political dynasties and reform campaign rules, deny federalism Environmental policies to combat climate change and the protection of Philippine resources through energy, land, and mining Nationalist policies including claiming rights over the West Philippine Sea, rights for fishermen and our seas and workers

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Chairman, Free Legal Assistance Group The oldest and largest human rights lawyers organization in the nation committed to the protection and promotion of human rights and civil liberties, founded by his father Founding Dean, De La Salle University College of Law Founded in 2009 to serve the oppressed on principles of human rights and civil liberties Presidential Advisor (Human Rights), Integrated Bar of the Philippines National organization of lawyers in the Philippines and the mandatory bar association for Filipino lawyers Member, International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes International arbitration institution for legal dispute resolution betweeninternational investors, part of the World Bank

Success as a Lawyer

Landmark case  providing justice for MV Dona Paz victims, the deadliest peacetime maritime disaster in history Issued first Writs of Amparo   with fellow FLAG lawyers for Raynold and Reynaldo Manalo, brothers allegedly tortured by agents of the Philippine military in 2007 Released Tagaytay 5   farmers from unjust rebellion charge who were tortured and detained by the Philippine National Police Representing common laborers   suchs as farmers, fishermen, and other Filipinos in need


Graduate & Post-Graduate Juris Doctor of Laws, Northern Illinois University (Magna Cum Laude) Tertiary BA Philosophy, University of the Philippines Diliman Others Gerry Roxas Leadership Awardee, American Jurisprudence Award for Excellence in the Study of Contracts

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