Death Penalty War on Drugs Federalism Removal of Term Limits Mandatory Drug Testing in Colleges Martial Law in Mindanao Lowering MACR College degree for candidates of public office LGBTQ Equality Divorce

Samira Gutoc#36

PARTY Liberal Party (LP)  Mindanaoan, legislator, women's right advocate, environmentalist, and activist for peace.

About Samira Gutoc  

Maranao from Marawi City, Gutoc is a civic leader, journalist, environmentalist, women's right advocate, legislator, and activist. As a journalist for Inquirer, she covered politics for the Inquirer in her city, was appointed by President Duterte to draft the Bangsomo Basic Law until resigning after his misogynist and discriminatory remarks. Focusing on protecting the rights of internally displaced people, the environment, and the marginalized—Gutoc has witnessed the effects of war and martial law firsthand, seeking to fight for justice and the masses through her humanitarian approach and advocacies.

FULL NAME  Samira Gutoc-Tomawis
AGE  44

Salient Issues

Death Penalty War on Drugs Federalism Removal of Term Limits Mandatory Drug Testing in Colleges Martial Law in Mindanao Lowering MACR College degree for candidates of public office LGBTQ Equality Divorce


Inclusive representation and development for Mindanao, including peace education in K-12, economic development through sustainable use of natural resources Rights and empowerment for marginalized groups: Muslim rights and education, women's rights including pro-divorce and pro-health policy, LGBTQ rights and children's rights Rights for internally displaced people and citizens affected by natural disasters and civil war Rehabilitation of Marawi and other displaced cities Protection of the youth, including students rights and welfare and children from exploitation

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Former Director, Al-Amanah Islamic Investment Bank of the Philippines The first and only Islamic Bank in the Philippines under the Development Bank of the Philippines in provincial areas with large/dominant Muslim populations Founding Member, Asian Peace Alliance Broad coalition of peace activists, human rights organizations, polical parties, religious, women's, and youth organizations in the Asia-Pacific Chair, Kazalimbago Movement Anti-crimewatch movement coordinating with military, police, election officers, and civil sociey leaders for orderly and peaceful elections
Freelance Journalist Covering peace and Mindanao
Member, Asia-Pacific Peace Research Association International NGO of peace researchers, peace educators, and peace advocates established in 1980 with a mission to provide a comprehensive understanding of peace for the well-being of humanity Contributor, Asian Muslim Action Network’s AMANAH publication Publication of the AMAN, a unifying force for peace and social action in Asia since its inception in 1990 engaging intellectuals, political and religious leaders, associations, and activists of all faiths Former President, Muslim Youth and Student Alliance-ManilaFirst Lady Muslim President Convenor, Philippine Center for Islam and Democracy Nonprofit organization dedicated to the study of Islamic and democratic political thought, and the search for peace, democracy, and development in Muslim communities Organizer, Ranao Rescue Team An Umbrella Movement of various CSO's, NGOs, PO's and Government Agencies who has joins together in the response and interventions for the Marawi Crisis. Former President, University of the Philippines Muslim Student Association Former Mindanao Coordinator, Young Moro Professionals Network NGO composed of young Moro professionals advocating peaceful means to improve the socio-economic well-being of the Bangsamoro people


Former Assemblyman, ARMM Legislative Assembly


Former Member, Bangsomoro Transition Commission (BTC)


Former Member, Philippine Army Multi-sectoral Advisory Board

Notable Work

Lobbied declaration of Eidul Fitr and Eidul Adha into national holidays, building representation and empowerment for Muslimes nationwide Tasked to draft Bangsamoro Organic Law until her resignation due to the declaration of martial law and the president's discriminatory remarks Spokesperson for Reform ARMM Now movement for reform and faith in autonomy of the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao presenting it up to the government and Supreme Court Authored the legislated Reproductive Health Care Act (MMA Act 292) Creating and establishing the reproductive healthcare for the ARMM, guaranteeing basic human right to reproductive health by all persons with no room for discrimination Strengthened Basic Education Act (MMA Act 303) Governing the strengthened basic educational system of formal public and private schools, alternative learning systems, nonformal education, etc. within ARMM for all Authored the Free Birth Registration Act (MMA Act 293) Aimed at fast-tracking and facilitating the registration of children and adults, addressing non-registration in a large part of the ARMM for free


Graduate & Post-Graduate Masters, International Studies, University of the Philippines Diliman
Bachelor of Laws, Arellano University
Tertiary BA Communication, University of the Philippines Diliman Others Fellow, Oxford Center of Islamic Studies
2017 Inquirer's Filipino of the Year
One of JCI's Ten Outstanding Young Men for Sociocultural and Youth Development
One of the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Center's 500 Most Influential Muslims