Death Penalty Endo & contractualization Pork Barrel TRAIN Law Cybercrime law Lowering MACR Anti-Political Dynasty Climate policy

Leody De Guzman#23

PARTY Partido Lakas ng Masa (PLM) Labor leader, longstanding (30+ years) advocate for the working-class as a organizer and activist

About Ka Leody De Guzman  

Seeking to represent laborers and in turn, the masses in the senate, "Ka Leody" champions the voice and rights of laborers. Centering his campaign around standardized living wage, regularization, rights to unionism, self-organization, and collective action. With over 35 years of experience working towards labor rights and justice, Leody comes from the working sector and seeks to better life for all. Stand with workers and progressives for a labor win.

FULL NAME  Leodigario "Ka Leody" de Guzman

Salient Issues

Death Penalty Endo & contractualization Pork Barrel TRAIN Law Cybercrime law Lowering MACR Anti-Political Dynasty Climate policy


Representation and inclusivity of the masses in every level of the government through electoral reform and upholding of our democracy Advance peace talks and negotiations to end civil conflict and target the root of injustices Junk laws that discriminate based on identity and uphold equality and justice for laborers and workers Advance awareness of unionism and labor rights within TESDA and SHS curriculums; stipend for poor students Participatory budgeting for all areas of the government Eradicate criminal syndicates amongst government agencies, especially in the police and military Immediate suspension of projects that deregulate and privatize the economy Reform tax policies for large businesses, including the removal of tax incentives in multinationals leaning towards progressive tax policies Emphasis on sustainable and green jobs, restore our environment and focus on climate through changes in extractive industries Modernization of the agricultural sector and work towards greater job equity and opportunities for the masses

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Chairman, Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino Socialist center of militant workers and trade unions for over 100,000 laborers and 200+ local unions nationwide, founded in 1993 to campaign for pro-laborer policies with a history in actively criticizing and opposing state policy detrimental to workers Former Member, Kilusang Mayo Uno Independent labor center promoting militant unionism representing progressive workers' organizations; against extrajudicial killings and actively campaigning against corporations committing labor rights violations, rising oil prices, and the like Councilor (International Council), International Center for Labor Solidarity Nonprofit organization working towards a global labor movement through strengthening economic and political power of workers through effective, independent, and democratic unions Vice President, Asia Regional Organization of Bank, Insurance and Finance Unions Promoting the growth of jobs with social security and justice in the finance sector for all Member, Board of Trustees, Philippine Human Rights Information Center National organization focusing on human rights research, documentation, and analysis founded in 1991 Member, Board of Trustees, Bulig Pilipinas Empowering citizens especially in the most vulnerable sectors to sustainable, people-oriented rehabilitation for adaptive capacity and resilience through climate change

Activism and Campaigns

Parents were farmers   thrusting him into the labor movement, getting into collective action particularly after the Aquino Assassination in 1983 Set national minimum wage equivalent to a living wage by adjusting it accordingly to real purchasing power and abolishing regional wage boards Right to organize for all workers, both in public and private sectors as unions, to strike, with the right to collectively bargain Dismantle monopoly of land by developing and encouraging cooperative farms as well as cartels and monopolies of agricultural products that are engaged in price fixing, hoarding, and other anti-competitive practices


Tertiary BS Customs Administration, PMI Colleges Secondary Naujan Academy, Oriental Mindoro