Death Penalty War on Drugs Federalism Same-sex Marriage Removal of Term Limits Mandatory ROTC Martial Law in Mindanao Lowering MACR Peace talks Coco levy fund bill Banning of profanity in public

Erin Tañada#59

PARTY Liberal Party (LP)  Human rights lawyer, LP spokesperson, former Deputy House Speaker and labor rights advocate.

About Erin Tañada  

Former Deputy Speaker of the Philippine House of Representatives for Luzon, Tañada is an incredibly progressive and experienced politician focused on the benefits and rights of workers, proper labor policy, wages, and reform, and education on mobilization and change. A lawyer and spokesperson for the liberal party, former chair for the House Committee on Human Rights, and with a series of bills from the Anti-Torture Act, People's Survival Fund, Renewable Energy Law, and Agrarian Reform Program—Tanada shows a clear, honest and true investment into the welfare and work of the Filipino masses.

AGE  55

Salient Issues

Death Penalty War on Drugs Federalism Same-sex Marriage Removal of Term Limits Mandatory ROTC Martial Law in Mindanao Lowering MACR Peace talks Coco levy fund bill Banning of profanity in public


Benefits and rights of workers: provision of adequate, stable, and consequential works through increased opportunities Equitable work and pay through labor rights; to ensure productivity and job security Proper usage of taxes and government budget spending, transparency and responsive governance Education that increases mobility for all levels of society Focus on causes of consumers, informal sectors, workers, farmers, small entrepreneurs and advocacy for peace and development

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Manager, News and Public Affairs at UNTV-37 Flagship Philippine television network of the Progressive Broadcasting Corporation; also hosts programs Member, Integrated Bar of the Philippines National organization of lawyers in the Philippines and the mandatory bar association for Filipino lawyers. Member, Manila Jaycees Asia's first and premiere leadership development organization. Former Chairman, National Union of Students of the Philippines Nationwide alliance of more than 600 student councils, governments, and unions committed to the advancement of the students' democratic rights and welfare established in 1957.


District, Representative Fourth District of Quezon 2004-2013


Chairman, House of Representatives' Committee on Human Rights 2007-2010


Deputy Speaker, Philippine House of Representatives for Luzon 2004-2013

Legislative Work

Worked for passage of Magna Carta for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises mandating banks to allocate a portion of their loan portfolios to these enterprises Co-authored Personal Equity and Retirement Account law, promoting capital market development and savings mobilization in the Philippines Authored first Universal Health Care Law making it policy to gradually provide total medical service for the Philippine people Led passage of Freedom of Information Law covering all government offices under the Executive branch to disclose public records, contracts, transacitons, and any information requested by a member of the public Led passage of the Human Rights Victims Reparation and Compensation Act for the benefit of the victims of Marcos' human rights violations People's Survival Fund Finances climate change adaption projects proposed by local government units and community organizations Cheaper Medicines Law Intends to provide better health outcomes by improving access to cheaper and quality medicines Renewable Energy Law Enables the Philippines to move rapidly towards its goal of being 60% energy self-sufficient by 2010 by developing and utilising resources such as solar, wind, hydropower, ocean, and biomass energy Authored the legislated Reproductive Health Care Act (MMA Act 292) Creating and establishing the reproductive healthcare for the ARMM, guaranteeing basic human right to reproductive health by all persons with no room for discrimination Extension of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program Redistribution of private and public agricultural lands to help the beneficiaries survive as small independent farmers regardless of "tenurial" arrangement, providing landowners equality in terms of income and opportunities Anti-enforced Disappearances Law and Anti-Torture Act Acts relating to human rights violations, making crimes punishable by life imprisonment and stipulating what constitutes as these violations Amendment of the Amusement Tax Allows local governments to collect funds from entertainment businesses (such as theaters, cinemas, concerts, circueses, boxing stadia, etc.) of not more than 10%


Graduate & Post-Graduate Bachelor of Laws, Manuel L. Quezon University Tertiary AB Political Science, Ateneo de Manila University